Collection: Organic Garlic

The 2023 Garlic Crop has just been harvested and it looks great!
Pre-orders start July 30th, 2023. Shipping of Garlic starts mid September. Order early, last year we sold out by October.
We are now certified organic by Vermont Organic Farmers. All Garlic has been tested Nematod and white rot free by the University of Maine. 

Our farm grows 5 hardneck varieties from the Porcelain, Purple Stripe, and Rocambole families. Whether you are looking for garlic to plant or eat, our garlic offers something for every garlic lover. Some are sweeter, super spicy, extra pungent, mellow, more medicinal, easy to peel, and better storers than others. All our garlic are hardneck which means they need a cold weather period to grow (at least 40 degrees) and they grow a flower stalk known as a scape in June. Hardnecks have a wonderful flavor and store up to 6 months.
We offer two options for each variety: Seed and Culinary. Seed stock refers to the nicest garlic we grow. It is graded for health so no visible disease present, nice uniform size free of anomaly,  tested free of garlic bloat, and is 2" in diameter or larger. Studies by the University of Maine Extension have shown that planting larger size garlic yields larger size garlic so if you want a nice crop, best to start with larger heads. Culinary size are smaller in size and best for eating. They are also free of garlic bloat but may contain some irregular shapes and cosmetic blemishes. They can also be used for planting but cloves will be smaller.
Porcelain Garlic Family

Katterman Porcelain (certified organic): Our best grower here in Vermont. Katterman is known for it's large heads, large plump cloves, healthy stock, and superb storage life.  Typically has  4-6 cloves per bulb.

German Hardy Porcelain (certified organic): Large cloves and hardy. Typically 4-6 cloves per head. Excellent storage life. 

Rocambole Garlic Family

Killarney Red (certified organic): Smaller than Spanish Roja, Killarney red has a fiery bite with great flavor. An unusual variety and available in smaller quantities.  Limited supply this year. Only available at garlic festivals.

Purple Stripe Garlic Family

Vietnamese Purple (certified organic): Very similar to Chesnok red but with more bite when raw and milder flavored when cooked. Beautiful purple striped skins, great storage life, and wonderful as a middle of the road garlic. .

Chesnok Red (certified organic): Our personal favorite for cooking. Lovely flavor, sweeter in taste, beautiful purple striped bulbs, great storage life, cloves are smaller in size. Hands down our favorite garlic to roast.

Have any questions on garlic? Please reach out to us at Adam and I are happy to answer all things garlic with you. 

We are sorry, due to shipping regulations on alliums we can not ship to certain counties in Idaho, Oregon, and Washington State. We do our best to check these county when we pack orders and will refund your entire order if you located in an allium restricted zone. We also can’t ship to Hawaii and Canada. We ship most orders via USPS Priority Mail however your order may be sent via UPS. If you are local and wish to pick up at the farm, please select local pick up during check-out. 

Refund Policy:  our farm works hard to ensure we send out healthy garlic bulbs. Our crop is continuously inspected from planting, harvesting, cleaning, to packing however it is an agricultural  product and spoilage is possible, especially later in the season. If this occurs, please contact us and we will be happy to replace the garlic or refund the cost of the garlic plus shipping cost. If you are unhappy with our garlic for other reasons, please contact us and let us know how we can help. Please note that we are not a huge company- we are a small farm in rural Vermont and everything is done by my husband Adam and myself Laura with the help of a seasonal crew.

Refunds only extend to the cost of the garlic purchased and not for potential yield. Please contact our farm at if you have any questions.