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Chesnok Red Garlic- Certified Organic

Chesnok Red Garlic- Certified Organic

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Chesnok Red wins our taste-buds for the most delicious garlic to cook with. It has a higher sugar content giving it the nickname "sweet baker" where the flavor is enhanced by cooking. It has an earthy rich and sweet garlic flavor when cooked without being overbearing. The clove sizes are just the right size for cooking.

Chesnok is a hardneck garlic from the purple stripe family, the origins are from the southern Republic of Georgia. This garlic has taller shaped cloves, typically 8-10 cloves per bulb, and lovely purple streaked wrappers that deepen or lessen in color depending on your soil type.  Nice and tight skins make this a good storer, up to 6 months in proper conditions. A lovely addition to your garlic patch or kitchen. Grows very well in cooler climates and is an easy to grow garlic. Does very well for us in Vermont, especially in years where the winters are warmer. Scapes are smaller and thinner in size than porcelain varieties and scape usually a week later than porcelains. 

Our garlic is certified organic by VOF and tested free of Nematode Bloat and White Rot by University of Maine. Seed Grade garlic comprises of the best garlic our farm has to offer and is graded for health, bulb size, and clove uniformity. 

Garlic pre-sales open once garlic is harvested in mid July 2024

1/2 lb Seed Grade $13

1 lb Seed Grade $26


1 lb Medium/Small Culinary Grade $18 lb

10 lb Medium/Small Culinary Grade $170

20 lbs M/S culinary $320     


1 lb Small Culinary Grade $16 

10 lb Small Culinary Grade $150

20 lbs Small/ $280     40 lbs small $560 lb   

All our garlic can be planted or eaten but recommend purchasing seed grade if planting.



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Sue Keymer
Chesnick red


William Bell
Second Purple Stripe.

Bulbs look good. Lookin forward to spring.

John McCarthy

Chesnok Red Purple Stripe Garlic- Certified Organic

Robert Theroux
Chesnok Red Purple Stripe Garlic- Certified Organic

DE-licious. Has just a slight heat to it. Highly recommended.

Kent Ross
Not as big as last year

It was up to $26/lb. And not as large as last year. Two of the main reason I ordered in the past was the lower cost and large size. Being honest, I’m probably going to look else where next year. Sorry

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