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Katterman Porcelain Garlic- Certified Organic

Katterman Porcelain Garlic- Certified Organic

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Our most productive variety! Katterman continues to yield lovely healthy cloves that outperformed every variety we grow.

Katterman Garlic produces nice heads with plump large cloves. Typically 4-6 cloves per head.  Named after Rick Katterman of Dearborn Michigan who gifted us his seed stock of this unknown porcelain variety when we began farming in 2010.  Katterman is our top pick for any gardener or farmer looking to establish a garlic crop of their own and home cooks who love roasting entire heads and prefer larger cloves for cooking. The flavor is spicy when raw and mellows out when cooked. With it's larger sized bulbs, this is a favorite for easy peeling and roasting. Grows very well in cold climates, it's our most vigorous grower and comparable to German Hardy in size, taste, and growing habits.

$26 per lb Seed grade 2"+ diameter sized bulbs (SOLD OUT 10/11/23)

$16 lb  under 2" bulbs- smaller sized (updated 10/11/23)

We ship out largest heads first so order early

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Customer Reviews

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Richard Cafiero

Thank you . Seems like your harvest was much smaller heads ? Weather , drought ? I am sure they will be fine. Thank you again

Robert Feyes
Wonderful garlic!

Large, easy to plant cloves that produce large garlic heads. The people at Quill Hill are very nice to work with. I highly recommend this company and their products.

Suzanne Tait

i grew it last season & really liked it so I planted it again this year. The cloves are a good size, tightly packed so a little hard to get apart. But the flavor is great!

Anisio Groberio

They are amazing

Randy Zelonis
Enormous Sized Cloves

The cloves are enormous. Trying to get my garlic patch back, so here’s hoping these will help. Time will tell. Purchased three varieties this year. All were excellent quality. This grower is very attentive to their product quality

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