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Vietnamese Purple Stripe-certified organic

Vietnamese Purple Stripe-certified organic

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update 2023- this variety grew fabulous for us this year! Super healthy bulbs. Great flavor. 

A lovely flavorful hardneck garlic from the purple stripe family, Vietnamese Red is also known as Deerfield Purple. Typical of purple stripe garlic, Vietnamese has higher sugars, taller cloves on the bulb, tight wrappers, and purple streaking on the skins. We find that Vietnamese is a little milder in flavor than our other purple stripe variety, Chesnok and lends itself to use in raw garlic dishes like ceviche, salsas, pestos, and aoli. It retains a nice garlicky flavor when cooked.There are typically 8-9 cloves per bulb.

The wrappers are tight and is a great storer of up to 6 months in proper storage conditions. Vietnamese Red is an easy to grow variety and tends to grow better/ larger when the winters are warmer here in the Northeast.

 $26 per lb. Seed 2" + diameter (SOLD OUT 2023)

$18 per lb. Culinary/ Eating garlic  2" under diameter (medium sized) Sold Out 2023

$16 per lb. Culinary/ eating garlic Small size 13+ bulbs lb

All sizes can be planted or eaten


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