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Quill Hill Farm

Killarney Red

Killarney Red

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One of our more unusual varieties grown on our farm in Vermont. We originally bought our seed from Oregon. While it is small in size, it packs a punch with flavor. We debate over this every year but we think Killarney is one of the spiciest garlics out there. The bulbs are smaller in size, cloves squatter with 8-10 cloves per head, and easy to peel skins.  It is also the perfect size for adding to pickles whole, crushing entire cloves with a knife, or dropping entire head in soup or the instapot.

As with all garlic from the rocambole family, their flavors are prized by chefs and cooks but alas it has a shorter storage life so use up within 4 months. 

$20 Culinary Sizes (8-12 bulbs per pound)

No seed size available (we are holding back our seed to increase yields next year)

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