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German Hardy Porcelain Garlic- Certified Organic

German Hardy Porcelain Garlic- Certified Organic

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German hardy is also known as German extra hardy, Northern White and German White and is a Hardneck variety from the porcelain family. A reliable and easy to grow variety, each bulb typically has 4-6 large cloves per head. As the name suggests, it's very hardy and does exceptionally well in our cold and wet Vermont climate.

Flavor is similar to Katterman Porcelain, raw it is pungent and spicy mellowing out when cooked. Since it has large cloves, it is easy to peel and perfect for roasting whole. 

Stores very well in proper storage conditions, 6-8 months.

Two sizes available. Seed stock (XL sold out) Large available $26 per pound and small/ culinary size $18 lb.

Update 10/11/2023, still have nice Large heads for Seed! Culinary is running low

If planting, please select Large/ Seed stock. These are the largest bulbs available. If eating, please select culinary/ table garlic. These bulbs are smaller in size. Both can be eaten or planted.

Largest heads ship out first for seed stock so order early

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