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Quill Hill Farm

Ring of Fire Cayenne Dried

Ring of Fire Cayenne Dried

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Cayenne peppers originate from Guiana and were spread around the world by Portuguese traders during the 15th and 16th century, owing to their world-wide popularity. Also known as Guinea spice, cow-horn pepper, or simply red pepper, today there are numerous types of cayennes with varying levels of heat, thickness, and size.

Our Ring of Fire Cayennes are beautiful elongated red peppers with a slightly higher heat level of a regular Cayenne which are around 50,000 Scoville units. Due to their thin walls, these peppers make it easy to crush for red pepper flakes or use whole to flavor your dishes. We love their beautiful shape and brilliant color which we use in our garlic scape pickles as well as to decorate our garlic braids. The moderate heat level makes these peppers very functional in a kitchen. Taste is a simple heat and great for dishes where you don't want the flavor of a pepper, just heat.

Contains 0.5 oz, typically 8-12 peppers, Certified organic by VOF

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