100% pure garlic powder
  • 100% pure garlic powder
  • 100% Garlic Powder Large
  • 100% Garlic Powder Large

100% Garlic Powder Large

Our 100% garlic powder redefines what garlic powder is.  Not only is it 100% PURE garlic free of salts, preservatives, anti-caking agents and color retention agents, but it is made from our cold-hardy hard neck garlic varieties grown by us here in Vermont.  Hard neck garlic is known for its pungent flavor, intense spice and high sugar content.  Our superior garlic varieties coupled with our low temperature dehydration practices produce the finest, freshest, and healthiest garlic powder on the market.
The large size  holds 3 oz and comes with a shaker top for easy use.
We are currently sold out of  2021 garlic powder and will be powdering this year's crop in February. Thanks


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